Producer, Director and Post-production 'guru' Scott Billups

The Second edition of the Macao China International Digital Cinema Festival, is organized by Burma Road Productions which specializes in developing and producing motion picture and broadcast content in both China and the U.S., and Randall Dark Productions, which is internationally recognized as a pioneering leader in digital and HD digital production and post-production technology and methodology, and co-organized by China ACG Group Co., Ltd., China Central News, Documentary and Film Studio & Group, China Radio and TV Association, Documentary Council, China Film Equipment Corporation, China Academy Awards, Yuan Cheng Media and the China 3D Industry Association and is supported by government bodies such as State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television, the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao S.A.R. Government, the Macao Government Tourist Office, the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute and the Bureau of Telecommunications Regulation, and has been praised as one of the most unique international events in digital and new technologies motion picture and broadcast production in all of Asia.

Festival Chairman Jeffrey Greene with Macao IPIM's Echo ChanThe Digital Cinema Festival will showcase the latest developments in international 2K an 4K, 2D and 3D motion picture and broadcast technologies. The latest developments and techniques in digital cinema camera technology, digital editing workflow, CGI, and future digital post-production and engineering technological trends and market researches.

Many famous Hollywood, Chinese and international filmmakers and technical experts will travel to Macao, China where for three days they will participate in the Festival's symposiums, its "3D Summit" and "Hollywood - China Dialogue" activities.  Gala Charity event and broadcast Business Receptions.

Goals and Values

HD pioneer and Artistic Director of the festival Randall P. Dark

The Festival is committed to creating a platform to enhance and encourage the development and production of digital and new technology motion picture and broadcast content, between China, Hollywood, Asia. To bring together such key elements as directors, producers, writers, actors, post production producers, supervisors and technical experts, international capital and of course the latest developments in cutting edge technology.  In the process, develop the Festival and Expo into a festival brand with respected international appeal and influence. Currently, China has been putting tremendous efforts into promoting digital and digital high-definition technology in film and television production, and many radio, TV and motion picture and television producers and organizations have also started to change their traditional ways of content creation and are anxious to incorporate the latest technological advances.

This development has provided content creators and entertainment technology experts with a promising prospect for new business opportunities. Meanwhile, the revolution in entertainment technology has impacted all phases of film and television operations, from content creation to program distribution. Macao China International Digital Cinema Festival & Entertainment Technology Expo will build a workable communication network through which China's top industry insiders will be able to communicate with the world's leading creators and suppliers of digital technology, world-class digital programming planners, producers and directors etc. By being a key catalyst for extensive cooperation, the "festival" will create a whole new avenue for business opportunities in the ever expanding world of digital and new technology content creation.